ApRo Intermediate Band Method by Brian Appleby

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This is a follow-up to SoundStart for Band, for students who are past the beginning stages, and ready to deal with topics such as chromatics, playing in different keys, technic development, harder rhythms, and range extension.


It works very well for the last part of the first year and the first part of the second year.


Finishing the ApRo Intermediate Band Method (AIBM) will equip students to deal with the demands of most young band music.


Following the SoundStart format, the Intermediate Method consists of a coil bound teacher's manual, a set of two CD's, and a binder of photocopy masters.

ApRo Intermediate Band Method


Features of the ApRo Intermediate Band Method


Chromatics - all chromatic notes are introduced, first within the range covered by SoundStart, and later in the extended range.


Keys - much emphasis is placed on the key of concert B flat, and how it relates to the key of concert E flat that students are already comfortable with.  Later, the keys of concert F and concert A flat are covered in detail.


Technic - traditional drills, including 16th notes, are introduced first in concert E flat, and then in the new keys.  The CD's have accompaniments at several different speeds for these, so students can work at gradually building up their speed.


Extended range - the beginner range covered in SoundStart is gradually expanded to include the notes used in  most young band literature.


Rhythm - 16th notes, eighth note syncopation, and eighth rests are all thoroughly covered.


Percussion - for each lesson, there is a part for mallets, snare drum, and drum set.  There should be enough material here to keep your young percussionists very busy.  The snare drum and drum set parts have been carefully designed to fit with the recorded accompaniments.  In most cases, the drum set part is an exact transcription of the drum part on the CD.  It is certainly not necessary to use the drum set part, but it is included for students who are ready for the challenge of drum set reading.


An optional Electric Bass part is included for all lessons.


Lessons are numbered starting at #11, to follow the ten lessons of SoundStart for Band. There is a total of thirty lessons (ending with #40) plus three extended songs, and a full fingering chart for each instrument.


Your purchase includes a Teacher’s Manual, a binder of Student Masters, and two CD’s.  The accompaniment tracks on the CD’s are allow freely downloadable from this page.

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