Technic and Note Naming - shipped as printed hard copies

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Technic in 12 Keys by Brian Appleby


This consists of four pages for each instrument - a page each of scales, thirds, chord patterns, and triplet scales.  Each page includes 12 keys, in chromatic order.


These are very useful for students at the second year and beyond.


Using the photocopy masters, it is very easy to create a four page folded booklet on 11 by 17 paper.  This becomes something that all students can have in their folders, so it is very easy at any point in the year to do a little technic work as a class, or assign items for testing.


The package also includes sheets which explain how key signatures work, and give students some tools to figure out how to play the right sharps or flats in any key.


A full fingering chart for each instrument is also included.


We also have a similar package which deals with 12 minor keys.

Technic in 12 Keys

Scales, Thirds, Chord Patterns,

Triplet Scales


Technic in 12 Minor Keys

Natural, Harmonic and Melodic Scales plus Minor Chords


Note Naming Sheets by Brian Appleby


Are you frustrated when your students know what the fingering is for a note, but can't tell you the name of the note?


Note Naming Sheets are designed to provide extensive instruction, drill and reinforcement to thoroughly ingrain the names of notes in a series of worksheets.


The first seven lessons deal with notes introduced in SoundStart for Band.  Lessons 8-12 add chromatic notes introduced in ApRo Intermediate Band Method.


These sheets will work well for those occasions when a few mintues of written work at their seats is an appropriate activity for some or all of your students.


You can preview the first six pages of the flute sheets by clicking on the link below.


The pages are different for each instrument, using the notes learned by that instrument.

Note Naming Sheets

Correlated to SoundStart for Band


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