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ApRo Theory by Scott Rogal

ApRo Theory introduces fundamental theory concepts in an easy to use form, with Lesson pages and Test pages. Special composition exercises are also included, as well as topics of special interest to band students such as instrument transposition.  Many lessons involve students playing their instruments.


Level One (Lessons 1 - 41) covers the staff, note names, basic rhythms, repeats, road maps, and musical symbols.  Also included is a fifty question multiple choice final exam.


Level Two (Lessons 42 - 80) covers enharmonic notes, key signatures, basic harmony, tempo, dynamics, more advanced rhythms, and an introduction to musical form.  Many concepts are presented in a format to be played by students, with parts provided for every instrument of the band. Also includes a fifty question multiple choice final exam.


Level Three (Lessons 81 - 125) covers more advanced topics such as intervals, circle of fifths, and major and minor scales.

ApRo Theory Level One



ApRo Theory Level Two



ApRo Theory Level Three